Caixa Postal 15.030
CEP: 91.501-970
Porto Alegre - RS
Tel.: +55(51) 3352.6864



FK Biotecnologia S.A. - FK Biotec - is a national company with biotechnolgy basis, was founded in 1999, by entrepeneur PhD. MD. Fernando Thomé Kreutz, is active in research, development and innovation on human immunodiagnosis and autologous anticancer vaccine. FK Biotec has great experience in technological process development with a highly qualified multisdisciplinary team.

FK Biotec is considered a mark for the brasilian biotech industry, since it has been the first biotech company to receive risk capital. The company acts as partner/collaborator of Nanobiotechnology National Institute( UnB), National Institute of Medicine Translational Research (UFRGS) and CABBIO Project (Brazil-Argentina Biotechnoly Center) through CNPq.

FK Biotec, is an already well stablished supplier company for biotech products as manufacturar and as exclusive distrubutor of important foreign companies such as Applichem and Partec.