Caixa Postal 15.030
CEP: 91.501-970
Porto Alegre - RS
Tel.: +55(51) 3352.6864



The headquarters of the company, with over 500 sqm, is dedicated to Innovation and Pilot Manufacturing of biotech-based products and is localized in one of the most industrialized poles in south Brazil, in Porto Alegre. The many activities of the QC and QA are the pilars of the company, that deals with healthcare products and the state of art in development and micro to large scale manufacture of biotechnological products. This way, both Quality and Production work in straight relation with the Research and Development Dept., constantly adequating all new processes and products to the GLP.

Although having a self-standing facility, FK Biotec works in different places, that together comprises more than 1000 sqm. By building partnerships with other companies and Biotechnological Research Centers, FK Biotec extends its research activities locations such as the Immunodiagnostic Center at PUC-RS, inaugurated this year; ZBx Corp, in Canada; INCT; ITC FK-Nanotec; and, UFRGS.